Meet our Vice President, Fallon!

Next up, introducing Fallon Jung – our adorable, hilarious, and forever quirky Vice President! Fallon is a senior in Columbia College studying Classics and Education and pursuing a premed track. She’s been in Glee for six semesters now! Here’s a little bit about her! (Also, shoutout to Fallon for sharing all these awesome personality pics!)

What is your favorite song? Who is your favorite Artist?
I’m annoyed at myself for even creating this question in the first place, because it is pretty darn hard to have an all time favorite song, there are just so many songs that exist in the world and they all have something different to offer!! (#Inclusivity)
However, I just rediscovered The Talking Heads, with whom I am enthralled. Additionally, Panic! At The Disco holds a very special place in my heart, and of course, my love, my life, Herr Johann Sebastian Bach.

What is your favorite thing about Glee club?
Honestly though, there isn’t really much to NOT like about Glee. Some of my favorite friends are in Glee, everyone is SUPER welcoming and funny and fun. Everyone is talented, and it’s a really open place where you can step out of your comfort zone and try anything! Glee has most definitely made my college career 10000x better, and the only thing I wish I could do at this point is go back so that I could have started freshman instead of sophomore year.

Which three words describe you best? Why?
Enthusiastic (Sometimes verging on spastic) — I can’t help it! I just love things!
Inclusive— #Inclusivity #NoSingerLeftBehind#BeingInclusiveMakesOthersFeelHappy #Don‘tYouLikeBeingIncluded? #ILikeBeingIncluded
Silly— What’s life without some fun?

Which common saying or phrase describes you? Why?
“Better late than never…”
I’m just always late. I’ve been trying to find ways to fix it, but no matter what I do, I just can’t change! I will literally lay in bed until 8:39 for an 8:40 class thinking, “well, it’s only on the fourth floor of Hamilton, so I’m basically there already…” I clearly have absolutely no perception of time.

What is one interesting fact that not many people know about you?
I am going to hike the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia after graduation!!!

Choose a movie title for the story of your life.
“I completely just lost my train of thought” or “What was I talking about again?” or “Oooooo! A Penny!” or “That’s 1% on my Dollar!” or “Oooo! A Penny! That’s One Percent on my dollar! What was I just talking about again? I completely lost my train of thought.”

What is your spirit Shoe?
Chacos. Honestly, go get yourself a pair and you’ll understand why immediately.
Comfortable, awesome, appropriate for every occasion, can be worn with or without socks, can be re-strapped once they wear out, you can customize them… the list goes on.

If you could create and name a drink after yourself, what would it be?
It would be Hendrick’s, St. Germain, lavender bitters, honey, lemon juice, a lime, a little bit of mint, and topped with soda water. My mom says it tastes like Potpourri, but I promise, it’s freaking scrumptious. Plus, I like my drinks to taste like potpourri. All about that floral aroma!

Would you rather krinkle or fold toilet paper?
I’m a krinkler for the most part, but sometimes, if I’m in the mood, I’ll treat myself and fold.

Who are you in “The Office”?
Hands down, Michael Scott with a twinge of Dwight, due to my love for southern German folklore, practicality, and a sprinkle of malice.